Amateur radio informal Q-code

This is the informal Q-code commonly used in amateur radio communication. It's a simplified version of the ham radio international Q-code , which is a subset of the full international Q-code designed for maritime communications.

QRA Name
QRB Distance
QRG Frequency
QRK Intelligibility
QRL Busy
QRM Interference
QRN Noise
QRO High power
QRP Low power
QRQ High speed CW
QRS Low speed CW
QRT Close down station
QRV Ready
QRX Stand by
QRZ? Who is calling me?
QSB Fading
QSD Defective keying
QSK Break in
QSL Confirmation or card to confirm contact
QSO Radio contact
QSY Change frequency
QTC Message
QTH Location
QTR Time