Full international Q-code

This is the complete Q-code as it was defined for maritime radio communication. Since CW communication has been abandoned for this purpose, this code is probably no longer in use.

Here only the "question" part is shown, but every code can either be a question or an answer.

See also the informal amateur radio Q-code.

QRA What is the name of your station?
QRB How far approximately are you from my station?
QRC By what enterprise are the accounts for charges for your station settled?
QRD Where are you bound for and where are you from?
QRE What is your estimated time of arrival at ... (over ...)?
QRF Are you returning to ... ?
QRG Will you tell me my exact frequency (or that of ...)?
QRH Does my frequency vary?
QRI How is the tone of my transmission?
QRJ How many radiotelephone calls have you to book?
QRK What is the intelligibility of my signals (or those of ...)?
QRL Are you busy?
QRM Are you being interfered with?
QRN Are you troubled by static?
QRO Shall I increase transmitter power?
QRP Shall I decrease transmitter power?
QRQ Shall I send faster?
QRR Are you ready for automatic operation?
QRS Shall I send more slowly?
QRT Shall I stop sending?
QRU Have you anything for me?
QRV Are you ready?
QRW Shall I inform ... that you are calling him on ... kHz (or MHz)?
QRX When will you call me again?
QRY What is my turn?
QRZ Who is calling me?
QSA What is the strength of my signals (or those of ...)?
QSB Are my signals fading?
QSC Are you a cargo vessel?
QSD Is my keying defective?
QSE What is the estimated drift of the survival craft?
QSF Have you effected rescue?
QSG Shall I send ... telegrams at a time?
QSH Are you able to home on your direction-finding equipment?
QSI I have been unable to break in on your transmission.
QSJ What is the charge to be collected to ... including your internal charge?
QSK Can you hear me between your signals and if so can I break in on your transmission?
QSL Can you acknowledge receipt?
QSM Shall I repeat the last telegram which I sent you (or some previous telegram)?
QSN Did you hear me (or ... ) on ... kHz (or MHz)?
QSO Can you communicate with ... direct (or by relay)?
QSP Will you relay to ... free of charge?
QSQ Have you a doctor on board (or is ... on board)?
QSR Shall I repeat the call on the calling frequency?
QSS What working frequency will you use?
QSU Shall I send or reply on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz))
QSV Shall I send a series of Vs on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz))?
QSW Will you send on this frequency (or on ... kHz (or MHz))
QSX Will you listen to ... on ... kHz (or MHz)?
QSY Shall I change to transmission on another frequency?
QSZ Shall I send each word or group more than once?
QTA Shall I cancel telegram (or message) number ... ?
QTB Do you agree with my counting of words?
QTC How many telegrams have you to send?
QTD What has the rescue vessel or rescue aircraft recovered?
QTE What is my true bearing from you?
QTF Will you give me my position according to your bearings?
QTG Will you send two dashes of ten seconds each followed by your call sign (repeated ... times) (on ... kHz (or MHz))?
QTH What is your position in latitude and longitude?
QTI What is your true track?
QTI What is your true course?
QTJ What is your speed?
QTK What is the speed of your aircraft in relation to the surface of the Earth?
QTL What is your true heading?
QTM What is your magnetic heading?
QTN At what time did you depart from ... (place)?
QTO Have you left dock (or port)?
QTP Are you going to enter dock (or port)?
QTQ Can you communicate with my station by means of the International Code of Signals?
QTR What is the correct time?
QTS Will you send your call sign for tuning purposes or so that your frequency can be measured now (or at ... hours) on ... kHz (or MHz)?
QTT The identification signal which follows is superimposed on another transmission.
QTU What are the hours during which your station is open?
QTV Shall I stand guard for you on the frequency of ... kHz (or MHz) (from ... to ... hours)?
QTW What is the condition of survivors?
QTX Will you keep your station open for further communication with me until further notice (or until ... hours)?
QTY Are you proceeding to the position of incident and if so when do you expect to arrive?
QTZ Are you continuing the search?
QUA Have you news of ... ?
QUB Can you give me in the following order information concerning: the direction in degrees and speed of the surface wind, visibility, present weather, and amount, type and height of base of cloud above surface elevation at ... ?
QUC What is the number (or other indication) of the last message you received from me (or from ...)?
QUD Have you received the urgency signal sent by ... (call sign of mobile station)?
QUE Can you use telephony in ... (language), with interpreter if necessary; if so, on what frequencies?
QUF Have you received the distress signal sent by ...?
QUG Will you be forced to alight (or land)?
QUH Will you give me the present barometric pressure at sea level?
QUI Are your navigation lights working?
QUJ Will you indicate the true track to reach you (or ...)?
QUK Can you tell me the condition of the sea observed at ...?
QUL Can you tell me the swell observed at ...?
QUM May I resume normal working?
QUN Will vessels in my immediate vicinity please indicate their position, course and speed?
QUO Shall I search for ... (aircraft, ship, survival craft)?
QUP Will you indicate your position by searchlight, black smoke trail, pyrotechnic lights?
QUQ Shall I train my searchlight nearly vertical on a cloud, and if your aircraft is seen, deflect the beam up wind and on the water?
QUR Have survivors ... (1. received survival equipment, 2. been picked up by rescue vessel, 3. been reached by ground rescue) party?
QUS Have you sighted survivors or wreckage?
QUT Is position of incident marked?
QUU Shall I home ship or aircraft to my position?
QUW Are you in the search area designated as ...?
QUX Do you have any navigational warnings or gale warnings in force?
QUY Is position of survival craft marked?
QUZ May I resume restricted working?